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Creative Data Club is a platform for artists, scientists, agencies, designers, marketers, programmers and even the odd data cynic to listen, debate and be inspired by data and creativity. We bring together a handful of speakers from different backgrounds to share their thoughts and experiences, exploring the expanding world of data with the likes of Sam Aaron, creator of Sonic Pi, Sandy Black from the London College of Fashion and Jay Short from design agency Inition.

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CDC Data Gazing Trilogy #3

Creative Data Club x Music Hackspace: Track. Translate. Transmit.

Tuesday 29th November

In November, we will be collaborating with our friends at Music Hackspace to bring creative data right to the heart of LimeWharf’s cultural innovation hub in East London.

As artists, scientists, designers and entrepreneurs, we often find that, even through the smallest of explorations, there is a mass of data sitting at the very edge of our fingertips, waiting to be used. But how do we use it? Are we open with it? Do we seek to share it with others? And if so, what does that process of sharing involve?

How do we translate and retransmit the data that we have been tracking?

Speakers Tim Exile, Olivia Rzepczynski (what3words) and Alexis Kirke will be joining us to explore a breath of innovative and experimental uses of data sets; from generating sound and multimedia performance to providing an insight into better addressing the complex world in which we live today.

#creativedata @MusicHackspace #SignalNoiseLDN

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CDC Data Gazing Trilogy #3
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Time Exile
Olivia Rzepczynski (what3words)
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